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February 2nd, 2008

Nationals : part one

So I should probably start writing down some of my Nationals thoughts, yeah?

I'll start with the non-skating stuff.

1. Evan Lysacek is still the sweetest guy ever. The poor guy looked SO sick, and seemed really nervous, and he still took the time to talk to his fans. I would be like Yeah right, I'm going to sleep now kthxbai, but Evan was nothing but gracious and wonderful. He's been like that every time I've talked to him, and it makes me an even bigger fan. He seems like a genuinely good guy.

2. He would not stop signing autographs. Frank had to tell him that it was press conference time and that he needed to get his butt moving.

3. Frank Carroll is beyond awesome. He and Evan have got to be the best team ever. Poor Frank got clobbered by a stuffed animal though.

4. Ben Agosto is hilarious, which I already knew. I may not be jumping up and down over B/A anymore, but Ben still rocks. Did anyone else think that he and Tanith were going to jump all over each other after the free dance? Did that make it in the broadcast?

5. What is there to say about Charlie White? He's completely adorable and that smile makes me go weak at the knees NO LIE. It's almost embarrassing.

6. I can't be sure, because I was a long way away from them and it could have been some other dark haired dude with a curly haired pal, but I think that Ben ruffled Charlie's hair which I find priceless.

7. Ryan Bradley gets so cute with fans. He seems genuinely flattered and excited that people cheer for him.

8. I think Kim Navarro might have cried on the podium. I'm really thrilled for her and Brent.

I know I'm missing people, but those are the ones I thought Courtney would be most interested in, lol.

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