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Things have been super-busy here lately, so quick junior dance thoughts:

1. Really impressed with all of the dancers, in general.

2. New fan of the Shibutanis, they're adorable. I liked them last year, but they completely won me over in St. Paul.

3. Etan and I started playing a fun game called "will they go to Igor?" It would have been more challenging if Igor didn't collect ice dancers.

4. I'm really happy for the Hubbells. Kieffer got sick and I was expecting the worst but their FD is kinda awesome this year, and they skated well (except for the OD).

Also, it's not even ten and this has already happened today. Hi, I'm Kate, I'm an ice dancer. My boyfriend is an ice dancer too. No, we don't skate together. His name is Scott, maybe you know him. ...No, I'm not dating Scott Moir.

Ahhhhh, pre teens. Gotta love them.


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Feb. 6th, 2008 06:19 pm (UTC)
"Will they go to Igor?" is one of my favorite games! It's not quite as easy as "Where's Evan" or "Where's Charlie" of course.

I quite liked the Shibutanis and I really hope Igor gives her time to grow and doesn't split them up.

I really liked Junior Dance in general, thank you IceNetwork for letting me see everything.

You should totally say yes, you are dating Scott Moir.
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